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RDA Architects is your preferred choice whenever you need a professional to handle the design for a custom home or commercial project. With their green building focus, you will have a building that it’s within your budget, sustainable, healthy, and visually appealing.

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Custom Home Architecture

At RDA Architects, their team of architects has extensive experience in all phases of the design process. This means they will ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. They have the know-how to make sure your forever home is within budget, healthy, green, and is an outstanding design. When looking for architecture firms in Ocean City, MD, look no further than RDA Architects.

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Commercial Architecture

Commercial buildings should be more than just a place to conduct business. They should be places that inspire and make people want to come back. RDA’s commercial architect is here to help you build the best possible environment for your business so that you can operate efficiently and attract the best possible customers. With vast experience in commercial architecture, you can rely on them to design functional, efficient, and beautiful buildings.

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Green & Sustainable Consulting

At RDA Architects, they believe that buildings should be more than just structures. They should project and reflect the people who live and work in them and their environment. That’s why they focus on ensuring every building we design is as green as possible—from its materials and design to its energy efficiency and environmental impact. Work with knowledgeable green building experts and make your next construction project eco-friendly.

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Site Planning Service

Site planning is a delicate process that involves creating a plan for how a site will be built and used. This plan can be as simple as a list of what will be built and where it will go, or it can be more complicated.

It can include everything from the location and size of the buildings on the lot or even the materials used in their construction. RDA is here to make sure everything goes smoothly!

green and sustainable building ocean city md
Why Choose RDA?

Join Forces With a Leading Architecture Firm

RDA Architects assists residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

RDA Architects is located in Ocean City, MD with a satellite office in Frederick, MD, and serves the listed counties under the areas we serve.

Bring your design to life by creating a building rooted in your vision and built within your budget. With over 30 years of experience, RDA Architects has built a solid reputation among customers thanks to their superior designs, workmanship, and outstanding results. In each job, they strive to make your vision a reality. To that end, they understand your needs and expectations and pay great attention to design and high-quality documents. If you would like to partner with one of the best architecture firms, give them a call.

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What Makes RDA Architects Different?

Partner With Knowledgeable & Skilled Professionals

As one of the most sought-after architecture firms in Ocean City, MD, RDA Architects, has the expertise and design excellence, from drawings to completion. Their projects include custom homes and commercial work for office buildings, flex office/warehouses, renovations, interiors, and retail.

Memberships and Affiliations:

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
International Code Council (ICC)
United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

  • AIA chapter award for Excellence in Architecture
  • NAIOP Award for Excellence in Design - Office Buildings
  • NAIOP Award for Excellence in Design - Industrial Buildings
  • AIA Award for Mixed-use Project
  • NAIOP award for Multifamily
  • LEED AP Certified
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Anna Vitak


I have worked with Richard on several projects and have been very impressed by his design talents, knowledge of codes, and expertise in construction. Looking forward to working with him more.

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Linda Hughes


We had an amazing experience with Richard. He was extremely responsive and came back multiple times to help us create what we truly wanted. He was willing to listen and always adapted to our vision. Highly recommend him!!!!!

Google Reviews


Theodore Rhoads


We used Richard Donnally for architectural design for our addition and he was a great person to work with who is very on top of things I would recommend him to anybody. Great service and communication.

Google Reviews


William Davis


Had a great experience with Richard, he did exactly what I asked of him and was very quick and responsive to all forms of communication. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an architect.

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chris miele


We highly recommend Rick! He took our underdeveloped plans and turned them into a beautiful home.

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Keith Newstrom


I was pleasantly surprised to find that Richard/RDA’s fees were not only competitive for an Architect in Maryland, but also incredibly reasonable given the quality of work they deliver. It’s evident that they prioritize providing value to their clients while maintaining a high standard of architectural excellence.
Speaking of excellence, Richard’s expertise truly sets him apart. His deep understanding of architectural principles, design trends, and construction techniques is evident in every aspect the project. It’s incredible how he takes a vision and turns it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing reality, showcasing his craftmanship.
If you’re looking for an amazing architect who can create you a breathtaking contemporary home (or commercial building), call Richard! You will not regret it.

Google Reviews

Susie Butler Dodd


Richard has been an incredible help to us in redesigning a home we purchased for retirement. His attention to both our requests and seeing what we don’t see, as well as being attuned to earth-friendly approaches and our budgetary constraints have made this process a very positive one. He was able to take a long list of desires and translate that list into a lovely renovation and addition, and pointed out cost-saving steps and alternatives along the way. He’s also made it possible to live in the existing structure while most of the work is being done. He has been extremely responsive and quick, yet thorough, with the design process. We couldn’t be happier!

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Daniel Beall


Richard did a beautiful 2nd floor deck design for on time.

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R.E. Henderson


I’ve worked with Rick on a wide variety of project types, sizes and complexities for over 20 years. He is a very talented designer who finds creative solutions to the most complex problems while always puts his client first.

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Second Chance Wildlife Center - Maryland


Rick Donnally has been by our side every step of the way in our efforts to build an entirely new, custom-designed, and eco-friendly facility for our business. We are wildlife experts – not construction experts – and Rick has consistently gone above and beyond to guide us, to provide thoughtful and practical solutions when we’ve faced challenges, and he brought aboard trusted partners via his extensive network of skilled professionals, as needed. His dedication to his work and to us as clients has been incredibly impressive. Thank you, Rick!

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Jacob Artz


Richard stepped up to save a failing project when the original architect stopped returning calls and emails. He has since turned the project around, provided excellent advice and even found ways to cut costs. He is honest, straightforward and shares our sense of urgency to get this done. I wish we had started the project with Richard but I am glad he is on our team now.

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Tony Tso


Because of the time pressure and so many other projects to attend to, I reached out Rick to help us quickly produce 2 different versions of concept design for our feasibility study for redevelopment of 3 downtown parcels for the future headquarters for one of the City’s largest department. Couldn’t possibily have gotten it done so quickly and with such gorgeous renderings with anyone else.

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